Role of Nutrition in Neuroscience

Neuro science is the study of Neurosystem activities inside body when nutrition acts on it. Brain and the nerves plays a  major part in the transmission of signals in our body , so for the proper maintenance of the system which include cells requires strength by minerals , water and vitamins and their proper quantities in body keeps a healthy Nervous system as Brain which requires 20-25% of our energy needs proper functioning of the system.

Every part of the body consisting of skin, organs, senses, cells and body actions needs proper signals from brain to all nerves which pass through the spinal cord. It is the science of nutrition acting on nervous system for a better and healthier brain and nervous system. Nutrition plays a major role in neuroscience as many nutrients keep a healthy brain and nervous system such as zinc, vitamins and minerals would give energy and strength to the body. But, at last a perfect Nutritionist and dietician could only help us with the diet. Nutrients in balanced diet would surely help to overcome any type of ill health as it acts as a defensive mechanism by not giving on it.