Pregnancy Nutrition

Well-Balanced diet is important during pregnancy as it is necessary to meet the increased demands of your body as well as those of your growing baby. Pregnancy Nutrition is also includes the amount of nutrients to be consumed by a pregnant mother to fuel the baby’s growth Maintenance of healthy weight is vital for baby’s future health.

Dietary intake for women before and during pregnancy is in fact, very similar to those for other adults, but with a few exemptions. The primary requirement is to eat a healthy, balanced diet as termed in the Balance of Good Health model. The nutrition’s role in pregnancy has vital implications on subsequent maternal and offspring health, including outcomes in later adult life. Optimal nutrition preconception, if maintained throughout pregnancy, promotes optimal foetal growth and development.

Pregnant women are advised to pay particular attention to food hygiene during pregnancy and also to avoid certain foods, in order to reduce the risk of exposure to substances that may be harmful to the developing foetus. Potentially harmful substances include food pathogens and toxic food components as well as alcohol and high doses of some dietary supplements