Plant and Animal Nutrition

As plants need some essential nutrients to grow, hence plants usually take nutrition in the form of inorganic materials. A plant usually gets energy from photosynthesis and nutrition from soil. From soil nutrients can be given by the interaction of various steps and finally it provides nutrients to plants to grow. To yield nutrients the plants undergo several chemical pathways. Plants also need micro and macro nutrients to propagate without any infections. Plant growth management can be calculated or can be estimated with the help of chemical reactions which takes place in the nutrient formation from the soil as inorganic materials.

Animal nutrients highly focus on the dietary requirements which are essential for the growth and maintenance of animals. Like humans animals also need nutrients in specific ration. On basis of nutrient consumption and method of food preparation animals can be classified in to groups. Autotrophs and heterotrophs are the two major classes based on the mode of food intake. Animal’s needs fatty acids in small amount since most of the fatty acid can be secreted from its own body. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats are the other essential nutrients required by animals.

Plant Nutrient Sources

Animal Nutrient Sources

Plant and Nutritional Nutrient Management

Nutrient Deficiency in Plant and Animals

Sources Autotrophic and Heterotopic Nutrition