Nutrition and Food

Food and Nutrition are the way that we get energy for our bodies. It is essential to substitute nutrients in our bodies with a new source every day. Maintaining key vitamins and minerals are also important to maintaining good health. For pregnant women and adults vitamins such as vitamin D and minerals such as calcium and iron are important to consider when choosing foods to eat, as well as possible dietary supplements.

A healthy diet includes a lot of natural foods. Nutrition involves the process of eating food to its convention in various tasks of body. The study of diet deals with what nutrients we need, in what amount, how to get them and how the body consumes them. Balanced nutrition specifies the right quantity of nutrients for accurate utilization for attaining maximum level of physical and psychological health. First function of food is to provide energy.      

Nutrition is food at work in the body it includes everything that happens from eating food to its usage in various functions of body. Body requires energy to withstand involuntary progressions essential for persistent life. Food regulates the activities of the body including – heartbeat, maintaining body temperature, muscle contraction, water balance, blood clotting and removal of waste products from the body. Food aids in refining the immune system and progresses resistance power of the body. The usage of food involves its passage through three processes – digestion, absorption and utilization in the body.

Food Chemistry and Biochemistry            

Food Analysis    

Environmental Impact of Food Production and Consumption       

Functional Foods             

Fortified Foods