Nutri-genetics and Nutri-genomics

Nutrigenomics is a study of nutritional genomics which helps to identify the effects of food and food constituents on gene expression. This helps in identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioactive with the genome. Nutrigenomics influence the genetic variation on nutrition by correlating gene expression and with nutrient’s absorption, metabolism, elimination or biological effects. Generally nutrigenomics aims to enhance rational means to optimise nutrition with respect to the genotype and its aim is to develop and understand how the whole body responds to a food. The effect of single food and single gene is nutrigenomics.

 Nutrigenomics will lead to dietary intervention strategies for restoring health and fitness and for preventing diet related disease because nutrigenomics is the junction between health, diet and genomics which is a combination of molecular nutrition and genomics. The genetic revolution is providing numerous new insights of health issues, one of which is the role of diet in cancer prevention. Genomic research is also anticipated to create innovative therapies that are directed more specifically to the molecular mechanisms of disease. And nutrigenomics is how nutrients modulate gene and protein expression and ultimately influence cellular metabolism is the combination of molecular nutrition and genomics.

Nutrigenomics uses the new technologies at the level of molecular and cellular Processes and biological systems and can identify what can work in our body. And new technology can identify cell signatures which represent exposure to the environment and to investigate the earliest changes in disease processes. Nutrigenomics can also give some indications of those genes in which polymorphisms might be important and these may then be explored further in epidemiological studies.